Mrs. G.
9/4/2012 02:35:45 am

I love monkeys! I think it is from Star Wars! Is it real?

9/4/2012 04:23:13 am

Yes, Mrs. G. It is real. It is called a proboscis monkey. You can read more about it on this link. Can you think of another animal with a big nose?

Mrs. G
9/5/2012 02:28:51 am

An elephant has a big nose. So does a pig.

Do you know which animal has the best smeller?

Mr. Lehrman
9/5/2012 05:18:27 am

It looks like a camel. I know camels have bad breath. They like to spit too. How rude!

Mrs. G
9/15/2012 01:29:21 am

It looked like a giraffe to me. What color tongue does a giraffe have?

Mr. Lehrman
9/16/2012 11:31:39 pm

Not sure, but I know that a giraffe can grab things with their tongue. That means they have a prehensile tongue. Did you know only South American monkeys have prehensile tails? What color is the giraffe tongue?

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